Between the lines.

Let’s face it: stories are delicious.

I used to have a chip on my shoulder about words. Books were the only respectable medium of art, and the words themselves…the printed word, that is…were the sole object of my admiration. Since then, I’ve branched out; and while aesthetics, ink on a page, and the sight of a massive bookshelf still get me going, I must admit that the stories themselves are what have stuck with me the most. Not all of these stories are from books, either!

Hence, fabulaphiliac…lover of stories. Because whether pulling an old favorite with tattered pages and a well-creased spine from my bookshelf at home, becoming absorbed in the increasingly rich mythology of a TV series like LOST, delicately chewing over words while composing a short story, excitedly downloading a new book to my Kindle, or debating the finer points of this year’s Oscar contenders, stories have played (and, I think, will continue to play) a remarkable role in defining my perspective on life and my perception of the world around me.

This blog helps organize my thoughts on the particular stories that excite, engage, inspire, and challenge me on a daily basis. If you’re reading it, you’re probably either a.) someone I know who is also a lover of stories, or b.) another random fabulaphiliac out there looking to think and to write and maybe even to talk about the stories that move you.  Either way, please feel free to drop me a line!


Emily is a student at Johns Hopkins University, where she is currently earning her Masters in Secondary English Education. When she’s not busy consuming media or preparing to take the teaching world by storm, Emily can usually be found scribbling away at original fiction, doing Zumba like a maniac, hanging out with her cute boyfriend, and trying not to burn the kitchen down while mastering the art of cooking. She is a proud graduate of Penn State (WE ARE!) with bachelors degrees in English and Communication Arts & Sciences, and a minor in Bioethics and Medical Humanities. Emily is also the author of a YA novel, S’QUATCH, which was honored with the Henry Sams Memorial Award at Penn State for best honors project in English. She hopes to publish this and many other novels for future fabulaphiliacs to enjoy.

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