The Rise of Literary Genre Fic.

It’s funny…I’ve been working on a post on and off over the past week about my thoughts on genre fiction (as opposed to “literary fiction”) and the bias against it in the literary and academic communities. This past week has been incredibly busy as I pack for my big relocation. Throw in Memorial Day festivities at both Chez Boyfriend and at my parents’ place, and there hasn’t been too much time to coalesce my thoughts into a coherent post.

Cue The Wall Street Journal…

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So…here’s the scoop:

About nine months ago, I had the bright idea to start a blog chronicling my literary adventures — with a little film media thrown in for fun. While the energy was there, the time certainly was not! My senior year of college was very much in the way. With classes, a job during first semester, and my honors thesis to complete in my final semester (and, let’s be real here, a lot of fun to be had to wrap up my farewell to Dear Old State), my WordPress account slipped down to the bottom of my bookmarks menu as my blogging ambitions were put on ice.

250 hours of food service, eight classes, twenty-five papers, two short stories (plus countless writing exercises), and one full-length, young adult fiction novel later, I finally have a little bit of free time on my hands. Plus, for the first time in years, I have the freedom to read what – ev – er I want to read without the gnawing teeth of guilt biting at my conscience for the fact that I should be reading something else for class! Imagine that! I’m living at home for a few weeks while I slowly and arduously gather myself together for a move to Maryland, where I’ll be starting a masters program at Johns Hopkins in June. In the meantime, it seems as good a time as ever to take advantage of this novel slump in my academic pursuits to revive the blogging bug that bit me last September, and to really get myself into the habit of reading and writing on a daily basis independently from anything required of me.

To end this mini-introduction, I thought it’d be fitting to wrap up with a quick snapshot of what I’m reading, watching, and writing right now…

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